Friday, November 6, 2009

Task 13 and 14

I'm not a fan of Facebook and Myspace. My son's "adult" friends thought it would be funny to make a profile for him and add some unflattering pics. He was not impressed and is concerned about who may see them. As he didn't have the passwords, etc he couldn't remove the page. What stops this from happening???
Also when I had a look at MySpace the first people I found where some students. The pictures, details about their profiles (they all claim to be older than 18) and the "friends" where somewhat worrying.
On the other side I do see my daughter and her friends keeping in touch and sharing their photos in a very positive way.
I registered with a Librarians group on Ning but have to wait - my membership is pending! Will make a comment in a later post.

I can see some merit and I know it is popular with teens etc (although at a conference yesterday I was told Myspace and Facebook are already outdated - not sure by what??) but I still need to be convinced about control issues.

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